3D Printing

6 - 9 Beginner


Everything you can imagine you can create

3D printing has been in the hands of professionals for years, especially companies that needed a "fast" way to create products or designers who wanted to see their designs in a physical format to make changes.

Learning impact

Our course opens the door to an exciting world for any child: to create your own toys. Imagination is the limit and for those of us who have had the great luck of growing up with LEGO, which is the closest thing we had to creating our own toys, 3D printing opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Main Learning Points

  • Encourage creativity and the ability to solve problems.

  • Manage professional design programs.

  • Know the operation of a 3D printer.

  • Expand the imagination of children when designing objects in 3 dimensions, creating physical models thanks to the abilities acquired in our course.