Fun Science

6 - 9 Beginner


Do real Science while learning!

Have you ever wondered why the water gets wet, because the fire goes out, because it is not seen with the light off and because the colors paint, if curiosity has ever bitten you with common questions of the day to day this course is for You, come and learn with us curious interesting subjects that will leave you free of that sensation, take advantage to share curiosities.

Learning Impact

Meet, socialize and learn with other children who, just as you have chopped their curiosity more than once with workshops of critical thinking where not only you will have new friends, but also develop that investigative ability and you will try various unusual subjects of biology, physics and chemistry.

Main Learning Points

  • Apply the scientific method.

  • Learn trough experimentation.

  • Develop investigation skills.

  • Discover new facets of the most common activities you could have ever imagined