Master Minds

3 - 5 Beginner


Making the 21st century Engineers!

Students experience how science comes to life with real world science projects, including engineering, technology and hand-craft, increasing students’ trust to ask questions, to define problems and design their own solutions, when the discovery is within reach of their hands and minds.

Learning Impact

Master Mind, is designed to make participants in team works, learn and identify patterns and structures not only from mechanics, but also from physics and problems resolution in a fun way, using the different resources.

Participants will build, that will invite them to experience diverse mechanisms and explore different structures, helping them to stimulate and develop their logical-mathematical thinking, and their critical thought, creating a new generation of tinkering.

Main Learning Points

  • Promotes collaborative solutions.

  • Learn topics related to mechanics and design.

  • Stimulates curiosity and critical thinking.

  • Experiments with diverse structures.