6 - 9 Beginner


Mechanical Basics

Trough Mecajunior our main focus is establishing the basics of mechanical and programming the foundations to get to the next level in robotics the kids would enjoy the easy way of Lego education, engaging buildings and programming developed to test STEM skills related to the 21’s century.

Learning Impact

The kids are introduce to the world of STEM using Lego We Do our main tool to get into the robotics.

They will see new real life challenges every day, with story plots interacting stories and real STEM application we ensure a develop in math, critical thinking and social skills through sharing and cooperation.

Main Learning Points

  • Lego We Do tools for introducing robotics.

  • Easy coding from our graphical programming We Do platform.

  • Stimulate critical thinking and math related skills.

  • Full mentoring trough activities and the Lego methodology 4C.