10 - 17 Beginner


Rich and enjoyable STEM experience

When we think STEM, our main tools always have been Lego Mindstorm EV3 sets. Why? Because the easy way of engaging students topics related to it has always been creating robots trough the EV3, the system is compact and powerful programmable that makes really easy control motors sensors based on icon programming.

Learning Impact

Trough coding activities they will learn to solve real life problems and get to the core of robotics many of our students has shown really good feedback participating in competition organize by Fundesteam and going to countries like Qatar, Costa Rica, United States and India.

We are not promising that your kids would participate and win but we see in their life a really strong impact for better in the rest of his life.

Main Learning Points

  • Social skills through teamwork.

  • Physics related topics.

  • Programming with fun challenges.

  • Stimulate critical thinking and math related skills.

  • Creativity in a fun way of express ideas.