10 - 17 Beginner


The new way of thinking

Trough programming the kids learn how to express ideas in a concise and testable way. They would learn how to code and how to transform this ideas to an executable program which may produce more inner toughs about how the things work, organize the ideas and improve their thinking.

Learning Impact

Learning to program is about learning to break down a hard, complex problem into small, manageable pieces. These pieces can solved easily, and that original hard problem is not so hard to solve anymore. Learning to break things down–and learning how those things work together–can help with almost anything, from managing people, to logistics, to your day-to-day work. It is a great skill!

Main Learning Points

  • Structured thinking.

  • Programming with fun challenges.

  • Stimulate critical thinking and math related skills..

  • Creativity in a fun way of express ideas.