WRO 2019 Course

10 - 17 Advanced


We can all help create a sustainable and smart city!

Our specialization training for national robotics Olympics, heading to Denmark friendship 2019, will discuss the issue of competition for this year 2019, smart cities, where robots must present smart solutions for the cities, such as: smart transportation, smart lightning and smart networks.

Learning Impact

In these tutorials participants will learn the analysis and assessment skills necessary to design a robot of international competence level. The tutorials are composed of two stages, the first stage students will learn the mechanical concepts necessary for their design and making their robot. The second stage consists of the logical analysis necessary to program the robot.

Main Learning Points

  • Promotes teamwork and collaboration.

  • Develop efficient strategies for solving challenges.

  • Stimulates critical thinking and empowerment of participants.

  • Experiment with various programming structures.

  • Modeling and design of efficient mechanisms oriented to the challenge.