Be Amazing! Toys Frozen Science Kit


  • Our frozen science kit comes with everything you need to create a frozen scene

  • Explore the world of polymers in this fun hands on science kit. Safe and non-toxic.

  • Key science activities include making our famous Insta-Snow, creating snowballs in the freezer, making a rainbow of snow, vanishing ice, and creating a winter wonderland.

  • What is S.T.E.M.? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which constitutes many of the areas educators look to cover for science based activities. We are proud to say that his kit has a strong focus on STEM.

  • The Amazing Science line of products has been designed to peak kid's curiosity for the world around them. These kits encourage kids to wonder, discover and explore in a way that will get the science to the dinner table. Our goal is to teach kids how to be amazing as they show their friends and family what they’ve learned. Real Science…Real Learning!

  • Who is Be Amazing! Toys? - Be Amazing! Toys is a science toy company that is dedicated to creating fun, whimsical, science based activities to get kids excited about learning. Our goal at Be Amazing! Toys is to make every child a hero as he or she discovers the wonders of the world around them and the joys of creative play. Children doing our activities are often overcome by contagious smiles and lots of “Oohs and Aahs.”

  • What's Included: 40g (1.41oz) Insta-Snow Powder, 6 – Fizzing color tablets, 10g (0.35oz) Water Gel, 1.5” Plastic snowball mold, 2” Plastic snowball mold, 3” Plastic snowball mold, Plastic hat, eyes, and nose, Plastic snow stacking tube, Blue plastic measuring scoop, 3 – 2oz Plastic portion cups, 9oz Plastic cup, Plastic snow block mold, 10g (0.35oz) Ice chunks (Super-absorbent Crystals), Instructions