Geoworld Dr. Steve Hunters Wonders of Nature Gold & Gems Panning Kit


  • Begin the amazing journey into prehistory with Dr. Steve, the most fun paleontologist in the world!

  • Imagine yourself among the US rocky mountains, more than 100 years ago: you are a seeker of gold and precious stones.

  • With this kit you will experience the excitement of searching and finding your hidden treasure in the sand, just as did the true seekers, armed with a sieve, the days of the legendary Gold Rush

  • It is not over: the great illustrated guide by Dr. Steve will let you learn while having fun the most interesting news and curiosity about the most famous and coveted metal in the world

  • Perfect for children aged 6 to 12 years old with a passion for geology and for Nature. An educational experience that combines science with fun and encourages respect for the Earth