LEGO Education Panama Canal - 2000451


  • To be used by students from 1st to 6th grade.

  • Starting at 8th years old (referencial).

  • Contains building elements in accordance with the age group such as: minifigures, gears, shafts, racks, conectors and other pieces that will allow you to replicate the Third Set of Locs of the Panama Canal.

  • Allows to explore the principles and physics from simple machines.

  • The set simulates a funciontal model of the Panama Canal and the Third Set of Locks and counts with the approval from the Panama Canal Authority for its fabrication and distribution.

  • The sets simulates the water levels from the Chambers and allows the vessels to be risend from chamber to chamber.

  • The set simulates the double and independent gate system from the New Locks in each of the set chambers.

  • It contains 5 different ships that regulary transit the Panama Canal.

  • Contains full collor insruction for each module allowing a group of 5 persons or more to build the set simmultaniously.