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Franchises in Panama

Being a member of the Panama STEM Education® Family through a STEAM Academy® Educational Center not only makes you part of a purposeful leadership focused on changing the education of our country and teaching children 21st century skills. At the same time, you participate in an altruistic effort to develop a venture that allows you to achieve financial independence, giving security to your family, and to sow a bright educational future for your children.


Once you are selected as a member of the Panama STEM Education® franchise, you will be able to develop a socioeconomic model composed by two revenue channels:

  • STEM training services for children, youth and adults.

  • Sales of LEGO® Education, TETRIX® robotics and Labster® educational materials for the homeschooling segment of your community.


To apply for a Panama STEM Education® franchise, you must meet the following general requirements:

  • 1)

    Share our vision of being "The Leaders of STEM Education in Panama".

  • 2)

    Share our values of Transparency, Empathy, Solidarity and Honesty.

  • 3)

    Be willing to be part of the educational change of our country.

  • 4)

    Be willing to devote full time to the development and educational growth of our students.

  • 5)

    Be part of a family with children interested in STEM.

  • 6)

    To have a good reputation as an honest and principled person.

  • 7)

    Be willing to have your own venture and work hard to achieve independence and financial prosperity.


The investment required to open a STEAM Academy® Education Center is between USD 50,000 and USD 70,000 (depends on the size), which includes the following components:

  • a)

    Initial inventory of educational robotics equipment as training materials.

  • b)

    Curricular Developments for more than 36 courses developed by Panama STEM Education®.

  • c)

    Access to our online platform of courses and monitoring of the academic progress of the student through the Ayudinga® Core® AI algorithm.

  • d)

    Computer equipment and LEGO® Education Software Licenses for Educational Robotics.

  • e)

    Furniture and decoration of the educational center.

  • f)

    Training in all our curricular developments and the LEGO® Education certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I earn with a STEAM Academy® center?

First of all, it is important to remember that when you open a STEAM Academy® center you will not only be starting a business, but you will be making a substantial contribution to the community in your environment.

However, if you dedicate time to this endeavor, motivate your tutors and establish empathy with the parents through the affection and dedication to their children, you can have a faithful clientele that would allow you to recover your investment in a period of 12 to 18 months.

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